Season 1

1x01 Pilot

1x02 The Bicycle Thief

1x03 Come Fly with Me

1x04 The Incident

1x05 Coal Digger

1x06 Run for Your Wife

1x07 En Garde

1x08 Great Expectations

1x09 Fitzo

1x10 Undeck the Halls

1x11 Up all Night

1x12 Not in My House

1x13 Fifteen Percent

1x14 Moon Landing

1x15 My Funky Valentine

1x16 Fears

1x17 Truth Be Told

1x18 Starry Night

1x19 Game Changer

1x20 Benched

1x21 Travels with Scout

1x22 Airport 2010

1x23 Hawaii

1x24 Family Portrait

Season 2

2x01 The Old Wagon

2x02 The Kiss

2x03 Earthquake

2x04 Strangers on a Treadmill

2x05 Unplugged

2x06 Halloween

2x07 Chrip

2x08 Manny Get Your Gun

2x09 Mother Tucker

2x10 Dance Dance Revelation

2x11 Slow Down Your Neighbors

2x12 Our Children Ourselves

2x13 Caught in the Act

2x14 Bixby’s Back

2x15 Princess Party

2x16 Regrets Only

2x17 Two Monkeys and a Panda

2x18 Boys’ Night

2x19 The Musical Man

2x20 Someone to Watch Over Lily

2x21 Mother’s Day

2x22 Good Cop Bad Dog

2x23 See You Next Fall

2x24  The One That Got Away

Season 3

3x01 Dude Ranch

3x02 When Good Kids Go Bad

3x03 Phil on Wire

3x04 Door to Door

3x05 Hit and Run

3x06 Go Bullfrogs!

3x07 Treehouse

3x08 After the Fire

3x09 Punkin Chunkin

3x10 Express Christmas

3x11 Lifetime Suppy

3x12 Egg Drop

3x13 Little Bo Bleep

3x14 Me? Jealous?

3x15 Aunt Mommy

3x16 Virgin Territory

3x17 Leap Day

3x18 Send Out the Clowns

3x19 Election Day

3x20 The Last Wait

3x21 Planes, Trains and Cars

3x22 Disneyland

3x23 Tableau Vivant

3x24 Baby on Board

Season 4

4x01 Bringing Up Baby

4x02 Schooled

4x03 Snip

4x04 The Butler’s Escape

4x05 Open House of Horrors

4x06 Yard Sale

4x07 Arrested

4x08 Mistery Date

4x09 When a Tree Falls

4x10 Diamond in the Rough

4x11 New Year’s Eve

4x12 Party Crasher

4x13 Fulgencio

4x14 Slight at the Opera

4x15 Heart Broken

4x16 Bad Hair Day

4x17 Best Men

4x18 The Wow Factor

4x19 The Future Dunphys

4x20 Flip Flop

4x21 Career Day

4x22 My Hero

4x23 Games People Play

4x24 Goodnight Gracie

Season 5

5x01 Suddenly, Last Summer

5x02 First Days

5x03 Larry’s Wife

5x04 Farm Strong

5x05 The Late Show

5x06 The Help

5x07 A Fair to Remember

5x08 ClosetCon 13

5x09 The Big Game

5x10 The Old Man & the Tree

5x11 And One to Grow On

5x12 Under Pressure

5x13 Three Dinners

5x14 iSpy

5x15 The Feud

5x16 Spring-a-Ding-Fling

5x17 Other People’s Children

5x18 Las Vegas

5x19 A Hard Jay’s Night

5x20 Australia

5x21 Sleeper

5x22 Message Received

5x23 The Wedding (Part 1)

5x24 The Wedding (Part 2)

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